Combination Dance for Preppies

This is a class for 5 year olds offering positive, pleasurable and non-threatening
dance experiences. Combination Dance mixes classical ballet, jazz and funk
together with creative dance and movement games. The mix allows young
students to sample different dance genres, forming a transition year between
DanceFun and graded levels in Classical Ballet and JazzFunk.

Jazz & JazzFunk

Jazz Dance has a broad movement vocabulary which emerged circa WW1, with
roots in Vaudeville, Broadway and West End musicals. This theatrical style is seen
in many 20th century Hollywood films like; West Side Story, Sweet Charity, Fame,
Flashdance, A Chorus Line and Chicago, along with TV variety programs and
on stage in modern musicals. Choreographers of note include Bob Fosse & Jerome

Funk surfaced as a distinct dance genre at the end of the 20th century but has
since been caught in the Jazz dance net. Related to Hip-Hop, it typifies moves
generated during the choreography of music videos. Both Jazz & Funk developed
in parallel with pop music.

PointCookDance students learn established theatrical elements of jazz technique
as well as more recent funk vocabulary. Students can complete JazzFunk & Jazz
assessments from levels 1 – 10.

Classical Ballet

Celebrated for its grace and beauty, Classical Ballet is the traditional form of
dance that evolved from the court dances of King Louis XIV in the 1600’s. Over
time it’s been refined to the skilled and artistic vision we see today.

A sound classical ballet technique provides an easy transition into other forms of
dance. Ballet trains the body carefully, developing alignment, balance, strength,
muscular endurance, control, coordination and flexibility. Skills are built up in a
logical and systematic way; ensuring students learn each progression before
moving on to the next one.

We recommend students learn Classical Ballet before or alongside other dance

The lower levels of classical ballet at PointCookDance follow the syllabus devised
by Janine McGrath. It incorporates principles of the Australian Ballet School
System of Training (1999), (based on the Russian method of classical ballet).
Senior levels are trained for examinations in the Southern Federation of Dance
(SFD) Classical Ballet syllabus.

Preschooler DanceFun

Designed especially for 3 – 5 year olds by Janine McGrath, Preschooler DanceFun
is a unique experience for active, creative children. PointCookDance preschool
students discover concepts through a theme-based lesson that incorporates
dance improvisation, learned movements and structured activity.

Each lesson links language to body & spatial awareness, coordination, musicality,
creativity, free expression and exercise.

Children learn to move with spontaneity and confidence, and are encouraged to
contribute their own ideas to the content of each lesson. They develop movement
skills naturally, and at their own pace.