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Classical Ballet

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Celebrated for its grace and beauty, Classical Ballet is the traditional form of dance that evolved from the court dances of King Louis XIV in the 1600’s. Over time it’s been refined to the skilled and artistic vision we see today.

A sound classical ballet technique provides an easy transition into other forms of dance. Ballet trains the body carefully, developing alignment, balance, strength, muscular endurance, control, coordination and flexibility. Skills are built up in a logical and systematic way; ensuring students learn each progression before moving on to the next one.

We recommend students learn Classical Ballet before or alongside other dance genres.

The lower levels of classical ballet at PointCookDance follow the syllabus devised by Janine McGrath. It incorporates principles of the Australian Ballet School System of Training (1999), (based on the Russian method of classical ballet). Senior levels are trained for examinations in the Southern Federation of Dance (SFD) Classical Ballet syllabus.