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Contemporary dance is an excellent choice for teenagers because the movements allow the dancer to explore mood and meaning.

Contemporary can be lyrical, abstract or both. It’s conceptual, technical, experimental, and pushes the envelope.

Contemporary dance develops alignment, balance, coordination, control, flexibility, strength and stamina. It can be choreographed either against, or with the music; it can follow conventional rules or be completely ground-breaking.

Innovators developed a unique movement vocabulary that’s been expanded and abstracted by Contemporary dance companies worldwide.

Examples of Contemporary dance companies in Australia are Chunky Move, Balletlab, ADT, Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre.

PointCookDance teachers present open Contemporary dance classes to challenge and inspire our dance students.

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Please fill out your details to enrol in this class. You are welcome to trial your first class. After your trial please contact us on 0416 679 911 to let us know if you would like to sign up for the term.

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