Urban Contemporary & Gloving

Combination of contemporary technique including floor work and jumps with
gloving technique/finger dancing. (Pls note – LED glove set required). Classes are
designed to fuse traditional dance with more modern and urban contemporary


Contemporary dance is an excellent choice for teenagers because the movements
allow the dancer to explore mood and meaning.

Contemporary can be lyrical, abstract or both. It’s conceptual, technical,
experimental, and pushes the envelope.

Contemporary dance develops alignment, balance, coordination, control,
flexibility, strength and stamina. It can be choreographed either against, or with
the music; it can follow conventional rules or be completely ground-breaking.

Innovators developed a unique movement vocabulary that’s been expanded and
abstracted by Contemporary dance companies worldwide.

Examples of Contemporary dance companies in Australia are Chunky Move,
Balletlab, ADT, Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre.

PointCookDance teachers present open Contemporary dance classes to challenge
and inspire our dance students.